TKTCG Build Update - 3/10/2017

     The idea came inspired to us by running our Enduro Series at Rolling Thunder Gaming on fridays for the last few years.  We've run a track called Martymoville a ton, and now we do like it, we want one of our own.  The current plan is to use the structure of Team KRAUT Test Circuit as a base, and then to add some fun stuff around the facility.  At this moment, we only have a drawing of the preliminary layout, as this track can't be completed until we complete the first one.  

     The current idea is to move the finish line to the end of the front straight, have a narrow opening to take a small jump on the back straight into some dirt dumped on the surface.  Then into a "temporary" chicane built on the front straight.  We will also put a flagpole down somewhere to incorporate a flagpole race, or a joker lap, into your features (flagpole will be online only).

    So below is the sketch, clearly drawing is not our forte, that's why we do everything online.


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     We ask, if you find it in your kindest of hearts, to please donate to our organization.    Anything over $50 gets your name on the real race car, nothing extravagant, but it's the thought that counts.

   Thanks for your support through our years.



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