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TKTC Build Update - 3/14/2017

Added more objects today, textured some billboards, worked on pit road a bit while I was at it.  And officially unveiling our Team KRAUT special feature to be included in our tracks, meet Gumby, TK On-Track Official.

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TKTC Build Update - 3/11/2017

We tinkered the last week or so with some cosmetics.  We added some foliage, cleaned up some walls and fences, We also settled, designed, but have not tested our signature feature that will be in all tracks we produce, to be released at a later date.  Last but not least, we gave Mark his billboard.…

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TKTCG Build Update - 3/10/2017

     The idea came inspired to us by running our Enduro Series at Rolling Thunder Gaming on fridays for the last few years.  We've run a track called Martymoville a ton, and now we do like it, we want one of our own.  The current plan is to use the structure of Team KRAUT Test Circuit as a base, and…

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