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     June 28, 2006 [}KRAUT{]Clan was born. Run by the TopDog, responsibilities of the clan got passed down to the webmaster of the clan, skullbreather, who deemed DECfrostbite co-founder.  An unsucsessful first year led TopDog to quit and all duties of the clan got passed to skullbreather.  Slowly trying out new games, skullbreather took a jump from the game Medal of Honor to the Dirt Track Racing series.  After that, with a decision from President and Assistant, they made the clan into a team.  Team KRAUT Was born May 13, 2007, still associating with Medal of Honor, they tried to make it work.  August 25th, [}KRAUT{] Clan was disbanded. 
     skullbreather raced alone to get a feel of the game and figure out what we had to do.  He started out in RTR Season 6 sunday Aero88 Series. Frosty attempted to get in then, but had internet issues and didnt have the chance to.  Getting his sea legs in his first ever painted car (shown here), Mitch went on a consistant run improving each race.  By the end of that season, he joined in on the CTS series and learned that NR2003 has a draft.
     skullbreather (now known as Mitch) made Frosty a set of #15 cars.  A few days later, #15 was taken, so the number was switched to #51.  Few days after that #51 was taken so as his final pick, he chose #96.  He made his first car, and after that, asked James Dement from RTR to make him a set of Havoline cars.
     Season 7 came around and Mitch was improving, Frosty was still learning.  In the GN70 Series in the 3rd week at Dragon-Nett, Mitch grabbed the first win for Team KRAUT.  By the end of that season, after Bumby (races as Terry) joined the team, Frosty got his 1st win and Team KRAUT's 1st pole.
     Before Seirra closed its race arena, Mitch went in and did some recruiting for the people who dont know the ropes or dont have a place to race after that point.  The quest got our newest active member, Progdrummer73, also known as Anders Lindfors.  Season 8 wasnt promising for him as computer issues held him back from competition after attempting one race in the begining of the season.
     Bumby's first win came on 8/24/07
     Bumby quickly rose through the ranks and finished the 2nd half of season 7 decent.  By this time, Frosty was welcomed into the RTR family (still a part of Team KRAUT).  RTR Season 8 starts and Terry shows the people at RTR what hes made of and takes the first 2 wins in the ARCA series.  Setting the bar so high came with an after problem as family called him in to bowl on that night, so his 1st place finishes ended up as a trophy on his wall instead of a future championship.  Other than that, he was in contention for 3 championships but lost by a nose to each of them.
     Season 9 starts and things are shaping up.  Frosty season delays due to issues, and Anders picks up the pace.  Starting out with the intention of not making any eneemies, he is one of the most popular rookies in RTR today.  He is also one of the front runners in most races without a wheel.  He uses a controller.  His best finish was 4th and his best start was 6th.  He finished top10 in points in the COT series, and top10 in the Whelen series.
Screenshot of the Week is born.
     When Season 9 started, Mitch wanted to fill the spaces on the calendar with some more races.  So Terry started to race at Excel Racing, and Mitch, Frosty, and Terry raced at TTRL.  After winning a fun race, Mitch qualified for a televised even and finished 4th in the TROC race.
     Speaking of televised events, Terry went on in the Dash 4 Cash league and ran at Daytona and finished 9th.  The league payout for him was $10.
     Mitch and Terry are also now welcomed into the RTR family (still part of Team KRAUT), after being complemented for our attitudes, our improvements, and the impact we made on RTR.
     The Aero race @ Michigan1990 marked the 6 month mark for Team KRAUT.  At that race Mitch payed his tribute by racing the car he used when he first started, and Terry went on to win.
     Mitch and Terry (Son and Father) got randomly picked as teammates for the Aero88 team race.  With great consistency, and staying out of trouble, the team won the most money and went on to win the first championship for Team KRAUT.
     12/21/07, Terry wins his first solo championship and the first singles championship for Team KRAUT.  Following the final race of season 9, Mitch was asked by 2 RTR Members to be assistant director of the Bad Boys Series for season 10.
     Bumby wins another championship in the same season.  Progdrummer73 wins the 8 track championship.  Starting RTR Season 10, 
Progdrummer73 will be driving under the name Anders Lindfors and will be driving new cars.
      2/11/08, Luke quits, Mark Caise joins and tears it up in his first race until he ran out of gas.  Mark has real racing experience and took it to the game.
     Team KRAUT moves up in the world as they get in a business deal with a few friends and starts up NOSCR.
      8/15/08, inspired by Terry of RTR, Team KRAUT is now also known as a paintshop with a new site and gallery.
     As NOSCR closes its doors, Mitch becomes VP of Team RTR.
     Mitch and Frosty start a podcast about anything in general called KRAUTcast on Nov. 16, 2008.
     Frosty drops off, Mike Larkin hops on, fades away. Mitch searches new co-host.
     Mitch becomes RTG Community Admin.
     Mitch scores Win at all Cost S14 Championship
     Terry scores Friday Night Late Model S14 Championship
     Terry scores Boz GN70 Series S2 Championship
     Terry wins both Win at all Cost S15 Championships
     Terry wins Sunday Night Thunder S15 Championship
     Landon wins NASCOM Friday Night Trucks Championship
     He is also a new team member.
     At RTR Mitch, Landon, and 3 others won the team championship for the Hornet Superseries for Season 16.
     Terry was leading points to the chase.
     Mitch was top 5 in 2 series.
     Terry top 5ed 4 series.
     Landon twice.
     Landon also Got beat by an 8 year old girl at Win At All Cost
     We picked up Larry Yeager Jr as a new teammate.
3. Most improved driver is Larry Yeager Jr. with 33% of the vote.
10. Most likely to finish 2nd with 40% of the vote is Terry(Bumby)Bombard.
11. Most likely to end up on their roof with 40% of the vote is Landon Pridemore.
12. Most likely to blink out with 40% of the vote is Mitch Bombard.
14. Driver most likely to take you out for the win with 36% of the vote is Landon Pridemore.
16. Heartbreak of the season with 53% of the vote goes to Landon Pridemore for losing to 8yr. old Macko.
20. Iron Man Award...Most races ran....84 races....Terry Bombard
     Who knows where we're at now.  We have a strong team of helpful racers.  New member Dylan is starting to get the ropes, Terry remains consistent, Larry shows as a good teammate, and Landon has taken the next step winning a bunch of races.  Mitch has even managed to capture a few wins.  January 11th 2010 was Team KRAUTs 100th win with Mitch's Win At All Cost race. Hopefully we make it to 200 as we start taking a dip into some of the rFactor world.
     November 2011 - We're moving up in the world with Mitch getting more accredited for local paint schemes in the CT area
     Not only that, but TK is now a REAL racing team.  2012 Season at the Waterford Speedbowl will be represented by Mitch in the Xcar division.
     There was a lul after this date, where our focus was mainly getting our Mini Stock operation off the ground.  We will try to keep this page flowing as history never has an end.
     April 2017. Terry gets his first Survivor Series championship, made up of enduro and Win at all cost type events in RTR Season 40.  Around this time we also hosted an invitational 3 day event to select drivers in the RTG Community, fully broadcasted by Pony Express Broadcast Network.
     2018 We opened as a design shop for Remote Control cars, the wrap business for mudbosses and other cars has been a fun adventure, and we're excited to keep making connections with customers.



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     We ask, if you find it in your kindest of hearts, to please donate to our organization.    Anything over $50 gets your name on the real race car, nothing extravagant, but it's the thought that counts.

   Thanks for your support through our years.