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We tried track building back in 2008/9 and we never really got too far with it.  Young and naïve perhaps.  But it's a new day and there are plenty of resources out there to try it again.  At the moment (2/13/2017) we have a few plans in the dream list, and hope to make them a reality in due time.

Team KRAUT Test Circuit

Our first attempt at a track.  The goal for our first project is to have an operable track for the game, and also a cool place to hold enduro races at RTG.  We hope to apply the basics and learn how the program works in order to create some cool things in the future.  TK Test Circuit will be a 1/2 mile oval, banked at 20deg in the turns and 7deg on the straights with narrow walls.

No date for completion has been established at this time.

View the WIP Page here

TK Test Circuit "Gymkhana" 

After we complete our first track, TK Test Circuit, we will attempt to make a Gymkhana track out of the bones in an effort to learn how to do more things for 2k3.  There will be jumps, surface changes, and other obstacles as well as slight graphical changes once we get everything underway.

To be completed some time after TKTC

View the WIP Page Here


Item 1 on our dream list will be a fictional track.

At this time there is no further details available.

View the WIP Page here


Track 2 on our dream list will be an attempt at a real world track.

At this time there are no other details available.

View the WIP Page here


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     We ask, if you find it in your kindest of hearts, to please donate to our organization.    Anything over $50 gets your name on the real race car, nothing extravagant, but it's the thought that counts.

   Thanks for your support through our years.