There are some cars on here that we drove, but were not designed by us.  We're working on a way to incorperate the proper credit, but at the moment the current method doesn't seem to be working.  We'd like to thank Tooslow Graphix and Dannoskins for their contributions to our fleet.

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The Whelen Modifieds are arguably one of the most popular game mods that exist, as there is a strong Northeast presence in our community.  That said we have designed quite a few of them over the years.  Other forms do exist however, and they are all located here.  The "SK Mods" have also been created for the game, but they are exactly the same model as the Whelen, so we combined the two types.

Whelen Modifieds

ASA/IMCA Type Modifieds



     We ask, if you find it in your kindest of hearts, to please donate to our organization.    Anything over $50 gets your name on the real race car, nothing extravagant, but it's the thought that counts.

   Thanks for your support through our years.