There are some cars on here that we drove, but were not designed by us.  We're working on a way to incorperate the proper credit, but at the moment the current method doesn't seem to be working.  We'd like to thank Tooslow Graphix and Dannoskins for their contributions to our fleet.

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Here we showcase the various era's of Late Models made for our game from modern day to yesteryear. 

Fun Fact, we had a little storyline going in the 1990 Late Model mod. Mitch drove his original 13 for a season, then over the off-season it sat outside while he was building a new car for the new year.  He returned next season with a patched up version of his old 13 featuring a for sale sign hoping to get it moved to a new owner.  This is when Terry stepped in and bought the old ride, patching it even further to make it a #10 for the remainder of the season while Mitch debuted his new car.  The following season Terry finally had the funds to redesign his #10 as the white and blue car you see below.

Late Model Stock Cars v1

Late Model Project v2

1990 Late Models

1990 ASA Late Models

Muscle Body Late Models

Classic Late Models




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