TKTC Build Update - 3/26/2020

Hey gang!

I knew it's been awhile since I touched this track, but wow I did not realize it was 3 full years since it was started.  Currently taking advantage of this quarantine by firing the sand box back up.  So, last time I worked on it I was really frustrated with the AI.  After opening everything back up and relearning some of the tools, I left it in really good shape for me to fine tune actually. 

As it stands, I believe the track is near as complete as I want it to be.  I've got to get the cameras situated, support for physics other than GNS, the pit stalls finalized, a setup that doesn't burn off the RF tire, and then I thiiiiink it's done.  I don't see any glaring issues, and if there is any, this is mostly for our league play.  She ain't perfect, but she's mine.  It's too late for me to want to fix now, but there's some pieces of the wall I wish I did better.  But regardless I do want to put out a good version of whatever thing I made, the first time.  It's good to have work ethic.

So, while I know nobody asked for this, wants it, etc.  It's almost done. SOON is the answer I can give especially with all this newfound free time I have.

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