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TKTC Build Update - 5/7/20

Brief status update, we're set to do a live Beta test tomorrow night.

Release date should be soon.

TKTC Build Update - 3/26/2020

Hey gang!

I knew it's been awhile since I touched this track, but wow I did not realize it was 3 full years since it was started.  Currently taking advantage of this quarantine by firing the sand box back up.  So, last time I worked on it I was really frustrated with the AI.  After opening everything back up and relearning some of the tools, I left it in really good shape for me to fine tune actually. 

As it stands, I believe the track is near as complete as I want it to be.  I've got to get the cameras situated, support for physics other than GNS, the pit stalls finalized, a setup that doesn't burn off the RF tire, and then I thiiiiink it's done.  I don't see any glaring issues, and if there is any, this is mostly for our league play.  She ain't perfect, but she's mine.  It's too late for me to want to fix now, but there's some pieces of the wall I wish I did better.  But regardless I do want to put out a good version of whatever thing I made, the first time.  It's good to have work ethic.

So, while I know nobody asked for this, wants it, etc.  It's almost done. SOON is the answer I can give especially with all this newfound free time I have.

TKTC Build Update - 10/2/2017

No screenshots this time, but we finally had some free time to tinker some more with our new build and learn some new things.  We had, and then subsequently lost, a good working AI.  But we're getting there.  We will soon add more visuals once the AI issues get worked out.  No ETA as of yet for the build, for real world stuff is still getting in our way. Until next time!

TKTC Build Update - 3/14/2017

Added more objects today, textured some billboards, worked on pit road a bit while I was at it.  And officially unveiling our Team KRAUT special feature to be included in our tracks, meet Gumby, TK On-Track Official.

TKTC Build Update - 3/11/2017

We tinkered the last week or so with some cosmetics.  We added some foliage, cleaned up some walls and fences, We also settled, designed, but have not tested our signature feature that will be in all tracks we produce, to be released at a later date.  Last but not least, we gave Mark his billboard.


TKTCG Build Update - 3/10/2017

     The idea came inspired to us by running our Enduro Series at Rolling Thunder Gaming on fridays for the last few years.  We've run a track called Martymoville a ton, and now we do like it, we want one of our own.  The current plan is to use the structure of Team KRAUT Test Circuit as a base, and then to add some fun stuff around the facility.  At this moment, we only have a drawing of the preliminary layout, as this track can't be completed until we complete the first one.  

     The current idea is to move the finish line to the end of the front straight, have a narrow opening to take a small jump on the back straight into some dirt dumped on the surface.  Then into a "temporary" chicane built on the front straight.  We will also put a flagpole down somewhere to incorporate a flagpole race, or a joker lap, into your features (flagpole will be online only).

    So below is the sketch, clearly drawing is not our forte, that's why we do everything online.


TKTC Build Update - 2/18/2017

We've touched up a few things, added the banking, and threw some objects down as we prepare to do the rest of the environment.  Here's how pit road entry is shaping up.

TKTC Build Update - 2/13/2017

Basic graphical layout & preview:

Screenshot of our house car on the finish line:

Up next we will attempt to add a few objects to the facility, and some other basic items.



     We ask, if you find it in your kindest of hearts, to please donate to our organization.    Anything over $50 gets your name on the real race car, nothing extravagant, but it's the thought that counts.

   Thanks for your support through our years.